What they say...

Celebrity & Royal Photographer 


Before meeting Nick, I was overwhelmed with family issues and struggling to balance my work and personal life. Coaching was a new concept for me, and I didn’t know what to expect.

However, Nick’s approach was transformative. Nick truly listened to me and helped me take things one step at a time. His personal experience with similar situations—ranging from relationship breakups and job stress to midlife crises and health issues—made his guidance incredibly relatable and effective.

He understands his clients’ struggles because he has been through them himself. It took about three months of coaching to see significant benefits, but Nick’s method of teaching one step at a time and focusing on one percent gains over a long period really works. He breaks down big challenges into small, actionable steps, emphasizing that reducing friction leads to better progress.

Nick has helped me create habits that have become part of my daily life, leading to a stronger, more resilient version of myself. I now find myself offering help to others in similar situations, inspired by the changes I’ve seen in myself.

Nick’s coaching has profoundly impacted my health, relationships, and career. I am grateful for his support and highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their life. His unique approach and genuine care make him an outstanding coach who can truly make a difference.

Thank you, Nick, for everything you have done for me.

Actor/ Entrepreneur 


Impressive people always impress you on first meeting; and since meeting Nick several years ago I’ve admired him for his integrity, temperament and values. Nick embodies his core values of honesty, determination, compassion and care for others, and of course self-discipline. These are the marks of a true leader and mentor.  

Simply put: having Nick in your corner is itself empowering and inspiring. 

Being a coach myself and having recently founded my own Acting Studio in NYC, I was excited to invite him to work with my members over the course of several group workshops. 

My members are working Actors, and face daily the challenges of emotional vulnerability, rejection, self-discipline and motivation; balancing their mindset as artists with business and personal considerations, as well as maintaining physical and mental health in an extremely competitive industry. 

Actors are both very sensitive and have powerful egos. Nick interacted expertly with our members, and offered an array of specific insights that they were able to take away and implement immediately. His comments have since regularly come up in our classes as their benefits have resonated long after the workshops wrapped.

Nick is exceptionally good at perceiving a person’s unique situation, and then articulating how they can move forward in a relatable, practical way. As a working Actor for the past 20 years, and someone who coaches others, I was amazed at the number of insights I personally took away from the sessions.

I believe that everyone can benefit from working with Nick, and we will continue to do so long into the future.

Gladiator, TV Presenter, Journalist


After first meeting Nick some 30 years ago, I recently reconnected with him just when I needed his style of coaching the most.

His honesty and straight talking approach comes from a place of genuine compassion and desire to help. His professionalism and discretion is comforting, and his ability and willingness to simply listen without judgement, and coach with a client centred focus, encourages me to trust myself.

Rather than simply dictating a trajectory, Nick leads me to a place where I can answer my questions myself.

He helps reduce the noise so I can hear my own voice. Not his. But mine.

Co-founder & FD


Nick was a natural choice when looking for somebody to work with to improve my work and training routines.

Nick emphasised the need to be consistent in all aspects of life: and create new micro habits rather than going all in. With this mindset alone I have become more efficient in all aspects of my life and consequently happier.

Nick also impressed upon me the need to tweak my behaviours and attitude: ‘to get something you’ve never had you need to do something you’ve never done’. That helped push me out of my comfort zone and to new levels of achievement.

I would recommend anyone who wants to make changes – big or small – to work with Nick.

Olympic Coach


Nick has the ability to make you feel like anything is possible. He helped me realise that vulnerability was my super-strength, and it’s something I’ve harnessed since having this realisation. In fact, it’s transformed the way I interact with audiences when I deliver workshops and keynotes. I finally feel like I can be myself.

I come away from conversations with Nick feeling great about myself and ready to take on challenges, with practical tips. High support, high challenge, and high impact. That’s how I’d describe our conversations.

Nick has been tremendous support for me and my business, I’m so happy our paths crossed. Thank you Nick.

S. Pittendrigh
 Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author


Nick truly transformed my perspective during one of our phone conversations. At the time, I felt lost after wrapping up a major property development project. And even though my other businesses were thriving, I was searching for a new purpose. I felt stuck.

Nick encouraged me to share my personal journey—from rebounding from bankruptcy in 2008 to becoming a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who overcame two cancer diagnoses. He inspired me to not just talk about it, but helped me develop ‘The I CAN Method,’ an inspirational coaching program which has now helped 100’s CEOs and business owners conquer their own self-limiting beliefs.

With Nick’s guidance, I’ve now established a thriving coaching business, have penned my first book detailing my story and coaching methods which has become a bestseller, and I have become an international inspirational speaker. I also launched my first podcast, ‘Formidable Over Forty.’

Having access to Nick’s vast knowledge and straightforward, no-nonsense advice is immensely reassuring. He’s a trusted mentor who consistently adds value to my life.

Thank you, Nick!

A. Kingsbury
CEO & Tech Entrepreneur


When I first started working with Nick, I was looking to take myself and my business to the next level but was struggling to identify what was missing in my approach. I felt a bit nervous and off my game.

When working with Nick, I found his direct but supportive style helped me quickly identify what needed to change in me. Nick also helped me have the courage to make the big shifts needed.

As a result, I am now clear on how to 10X my life and feel 100% ready for it!

CEO of Asian Wealth & Entrepreneur


Even before I started working with Nick, every time we spoke, I always found myself learning and taking away some value that I could easily apply in my life.

Whilst my life is in a good place, I knew Nick could help me take it to another level. Not from a business point of view but from a personal point of view. So I asked Nick to coach me with his Midlife Reset. The way he gets me to challenge myself in each session has seriously made me think differently about myself and how I show up in the world, and in turn, has made me a better partner, better father, better friend, better human, all through the process of self analysis. Thank you brother. 

Co-founder and CEO


The journey to entrusting someone with personal challenges is fraught with apprehension. This was precisely how I felt: a certain nervousness, a reluctance born from a fear of seeming weak through the act of sharing my struggles.

However, from the moment I embarked on my first session with Nick, my unease melted away. He fostered a nurturing and secure environment, transforming my challenges into safe topics of discussion, which was truly remarkable.

Since I began working with Nick, the positive impact on my life has been profound. His guidance has provided a fresh perspective that transcends my personal realm, reaching into my professional life as well. A change so significant, it has entirely shifted the way I perceive and handle situations.

What set Nick apart was his empathetic approach. He listened, he understood without judgment, and was able to resonate with the pressure points of my life both at work and home. Having weathered similar trials, he didn’t just sympathize with my situation, but genuinely empathized, and that made all the difference.

Nick, your support has been invaluable. Thank you for everything

T & A Horsefield
CEO COO and Founders


I discovered Nick during a talk he gave at the AIP conference alongside his wife, Andrea. Seeing a couple successfully manage work, life, and parenting together was inspiring—exactly what my husband and I were striving to achieve. We knew immediately that we had to work with Nick to benefit from his insights.

For the past eight months, Nick has been an invaluable mentor to us. Initially, we sought his guidance to improve our communication at work, optimise task division, and better understand each other’s work styles. However, our collaboration with Nick has since expanded into enhancing our health, refining our life goals, appreciating our individual personality traits, and even picking up more than a few parenting tips. 

We were already functioning well, but with Nick’s help, we are on our way to becoming excellent!

Founder and CEO


For me personally, Nick has been my ‘go to guy’ for personal growth and development. He has honestly helped me transform into a better version of myself and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance on their journey of self-improvement. From the very first session, I felt completely at ease with Nick and was able to speak honestly without fear of judgment. His coaching sessions were easily the highlight of my week, and each time I walked away with a fresh perspective and actionable steps to implement in my life.

As a middle-aged man with 3 young kids, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life, but my sessions with Nick have allowed me to reflect on what truly matters and take actions. Like anything in life, someone like Nick can show you the door, but you must be the one to walk through it.

Nick has not just been a great coach, he’s now a good friend.

Thank you, Nick

Co-founder and Investment Strategist


I have known Nick for some years now and jumped at the chance to discuss my business/family and personal life in more details with someone that I not only trusted, but knew wouldn’t judge me. If being honest, I was sceptical at first but the whole process put me at ease and enabled me to talk about things that had been on my mind for 20 years!

I saw significant improvements quickly with my family and work life.  Plus my attitude towards health and the process of starting small with micro habits that lead to much bigger achievements including attempting a half ironman! I had improvements in my mental health and wellbeing and the best thing of all is knowing that if I did need to reach out to Nick, day or night he would be on the phone for me. I cant thank Nick enough and have a friend for life.