‘Exceptional lives demand
exceptional guidance.’

‘Exceptional lives demand exceptional guidance.’

My why.

In 2013, I hit rock bottom at 40: divorced, broke, burnt out, and facing a life-altering heart condition. My pursuit of success at all costs had led me to this point, leaving me with nothing but the determination to rebuild my life from the ground up.

That moment of loss became the catalyst for my transformation. I ditched the all-or-nothing approach that had defined my life; recognising the toll it had taken on my health, relationships, and inner peace.

Instead, I embraced a new way of doing things that focused on the simple, small, consistent, daily habits that moved me towards a better self.

Rediscovering my discipline learnt through martial arts, I committed to personal growth and health. I learned how to show up for myself , the power of micro habits, and what consistency really looks like which steadily applied, brought me not just recovery but a life of greater certainty and calm.

I even mastered the human flag by my 50th birthday, a testament to the incredible potential of incremental progress.

Now, as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach and Mentor with over 500 hours of coaching and a significant investment in my own personal growth, I’ve turned my past struggles into a tool for helping others.